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For small business owners looking for simple and practical guidance aimed at improving business performance as well as building professional capability in leadership and management, we offer hands on advisory and consulting solutions designed to challenge your current thinking and deliver tangible results.

Although we pride ourselves as being industry agnostic, we typically partner with service based small businesses of up to 20 staff, start-ups, solopreneurs and technical specialists with limited or no formal business training.

Consulting Solutions

Whether you are seeking support to work through a particular area within the business, require assistance in changing direction, planning an exit or starting a new project, we can customise our approach to suit your requirements. Our thorough business needs analysis process and high degree of flexibility offers clients access to quality advisory, coaching and consulting services that helps accelerate and manage business growth.

Key focus areas we assist clients in helping to grow their business include the following:

Leadership Development

Develop and improve core leadership capabilities around the following:

  • Self-awareness and Influencing others
  • Clarify core values and align these to your organisational culture
  • Communication and delegation skills
  • Time management
  • Managing team performance
  • Decision making under certainty

Strategic Planning

Go beyond the simple SWOT and create a practical strategic plan that aligns all business functions:

  • Develop a strategy on a page that acts as a compass on your business voyage
  • Navigate your internal and external environment to unearth your competitive advantage
  • Identify your key priorities so you can focus your energy and efforts in the right places
  • Build a more cohesive and collaborative team by aligning purpose and values
  • Review organisational structure and exit planning considerations during the process
  • Provide the high level blue print to narrow down specific action plans for each business area

Financial & Cash Flow Management

Explore important concepts and practices such as:

  • Break-even analysis
  • Improving gross and net profit margins
  • Become more familiar with how your working capital cycle impacts your cash flow
  • Aligning margins and pricing to meet profitability goals
  • Learn the difference between profitability and cash flow
  • Establish a simple and more disciplined approach to profit & loss and cash flow forecasting

Systems & Governance

Building simple systems across business functions can increase staff productivity, enhance customer experience and improve work life balance:

  • Recruit and retain talent by implementing a simple and practical HR system
  • Create or update standard operating procedures to improve service delivery
  • Track sales and marketing KPI’s effectively through maximising CRM potential
  • Maintain financial discipline by regularly producing accurate and consistent reporting
  • Re-engineer existing processes across the business to remove bottlenecks and save time
  • Build a more valuable business attractive to investors, purchasers or employees

Market Positioning & Pricing

Reconnect with your business while exploring the following on a deeper level:

  • Inspire and motivate with a compelling vision statement
  • Leverage your marketing from a purpose driven mission statement
  • Define your ideal target market and craft a powerful positioning statement
  • Get your message out with a unique selling proposition that your customers will never forget
  • Implement your pricing strategy where your marketing and finance goals intersect
  • Learn how to remove the emotional connection to pricing once and for all

Sales & Business Development

It’s an exciting time to explore business development opportunities by combining proven strategies with new innovative ways of practicing consultative selling techniques.

  • Learn to change your perspective from salesperson to serving others
  • Conduct a thorough client needs analysis with an authentic structure
  • Develop a simple sales plan that aligns to your organisational goals
  • Review your sales process and track your conversion rates across your funnel
  • Refine your proposal writing to demonstrate the value you bring to clients
  • Leverage your inbound marketing to gain further traction with sales prospecting

Strategy Essentials Workshop

Whether you are a start-up or established business, creating or refreshing your business strategy foundations helps you and your team answer the WHY questions. Enrol in this highly interactive workshop to reconnect with your business, stay one step ahead of the competition and maintain a razor-sharp focus on achieving your key objectives. Workshop highlights include:

Introduction to Strategy

Kick things off with a fun and insightful team building activity that will invigorate your team and provide the right environment to get the creative juices flowing.

Strategy Foundations

Engage deeply with your business through an interactive and thought-provoking process, generating impactful and practical statements that resonate and can be applied throughout the organisation.

Market Positioning

Build on your strategic foundations and gain further clarity around who you want to serve and how to articulate your point of difference in an increasingly competitive business landscape.

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Orizon Consulting Packages:

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  • 3 session block

Strategy Essentials Workshop

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