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Being a business owner, senior executive or emerging leader within an organisation requires a unique skillset to be able to confront self-management challenges, serve and influence others and inspire transformational change that leads to reaching new heights both personally and professionally.

Orizon Leadership Coaching Program

Our signature leadership and performance coaching program is aimed at providing small business owners, senior executives and functional managers a professional development experience like no other. We recognise that the coach-client relationship is key to eliciting desired behaviour change and unlocking potential, so prior to commencement of any coaching engagement, we offer clients ample opportunity to assess if we are the right fit for them. This takes place via a no obligation initial consultation, thorough coaching needs analysis process and highly customised proposal defining objectives, progress monitoring and success measures.

Common themes we encounter when partnering with clients on their professional development journey include building capabilities around improving self-awareness, time management, communication and delegation skills, decision making under uncertainty and goal setting.

The general approach we take to coaching combines elements primarily from solution focussed, behavioural and transformational models that include the use of well-known, evidence-based frameworks. Various assessment tools may be used where appropriate to gather insights around personality profiling, determining learning preferences and exploring core values which aim to support the efficacy of any coaching intervention.

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Orizon Leadership Coaching:

  • 10 session block
  • 5 session block

Leadership Team Coaching:
Group coaching workshops

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