Oren Leshetz (Founder & Principal)

Helping business owners improve performance and achieve their profitability and lifestyle goals is something I have always been passionate about. I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of SME’s across various sectors for over 15 years, whether advising directly through my own business consulting and leadership coaching practice or indirectly in the capacity of financier or business banker.

Drawing on the wealth of knowledge gained from building an established financial services career within the large corporate and start-up environments to understanding what it is like to run your own small business has given me a unique vantage point to be able to thoroughly assess my clients’ needs and help guide them through the process of making significant business and leadership improvements within their respective organisations.

Through this collaborative process, I have witnessed business owners gain perspective, broaden their horizon and feel more empowered to make bold decisions when required. Being able to help clients tap into that deeper level of understanding of what is impacting their internal and external environment, has often been the catalyst to motivating them to be successful and choose the life they wish to live on their own terms. Simply being part of this shift is what ultimately drives me.

Combining some of my key strengths such as integrity, reliability, curiosity and passion with having the technical ability to assess business performance and risk, has effectively facilitated and provided the gateway to being able to offer powerful and life-changing business and leadership coaching programs to organisations and their staff.  

Formal qualifications that have supported my career development along the way include a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) degree, a Postgraduate Diploma in Business (Administration) and a Graduate Certificate in Organisational Coaching. This should provide clients with that extra reassurance that they are receiving the highest quality business and leadership coaching services supported by the latest evidence based tools and techniques.

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