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Business consulting for micro and small businesses

Leadership coaching for executives and emerging talent


We help facilitate personal and professional growth for small business owners and emerging leaders by sharing knowledge of core business and leadership concepts and by forming deep connections in the process.

Our clients come from various industry sectors and are often highly skilled in their specific area of expertise. They mostly approach us seeking opportunities to further enhance their leadership capabilities, build confidence in applying general management practices or gain new perspectives on how to think more strategically when it comes to running their businesses or teams.

Core focus areas we specialise in that ultimately improves performance and drives profitability:

Leadership Development

Become a better leader in your business by committing to invest in yourself and your team. Learn how to be more effective as a business owner and implement strategies that lead to high levels of team engagement.

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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning does not only belong in the corporate arena. Gain clarity by developing a competitive strategy and clear roadmap to meet your key objectives over the short, medium and long term.

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Financial & Cash Flow Management

Learn how to better understand your numbers by thinking about financial management from a business owner or general manager perspective.

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Systems & Governance

Systemising your business is more than just investing in the latest technology. At some point you will realise that relying on technical expertise alone is not enough to run a smooth operation.

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Market Positioning & Pricing

Strategic marketing should always come before tactical execution. The importance of creating or refreshing your brand positioning will help you differentiate yourself from competitors, determine your pricing framework and assist in the development and application of all future marketing collateral.

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Sales & Business Development

B2B sales has certainly evolved and no one wants to be pitched to or convinced into buying your product or service. The focus is now on educating clients on how you can solve their problems or meet their needs.

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Our Services

Business Consulting

For small business owners looking for simple and practical guidance aimed at improving business performance as well as building professional capability in leadership and management, we offer an accessible range of customised advisory and consulting solutions designed to challenge your current thinking and deliver tangible results. 

Although we pride ourselves as being industry agnostic, we typically partner with service based small businesses of up to 20 staff, start-ups, solopreneurs and technical specialists with limited or no formal business training who are based in Melbourne and surrounding areas.       


Leadership Coaching

Being a business owner, senior executive or emerging leader within an organisation requires a unique skillset to be able to confront self-management challenges, serve and influence others and inspire transformational change that leads to reaching new heights both personally and professionally. 

Our signature leadership and performance coaching program offers a professional development experience like no other. It starts with recognising the importance of the coach-client relationship in eliciting desired behaviour change and unlocking potential.

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At Orizon, we believe the true power that comes from being able to open up to another, in a completely authentic partnership and without fear of being judged is the catalyst that brings about genuine change. Add accountability to the mix and what you have is the secret glue that binds it all together and where the coaching relationship reveals its true value.

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