Business Advisory

Quantum Leap Business Accelerator Program

Our highly interactive and practical business growth program provides clients with tested in the field, low cost or no cost strategies that aim to assist owners in making subtle changes across different functions of the business that lead to significant improvements and greater overall results. The program offers a genuine and structured approach designed to help boost revenue, profitability, team productivity and enable business owners to focus on those key areas that ultimately drive performance and profitability. A number of core strategy areas are explored covering topics such as positioning, lead generation, sales conversion, margin increase, team dynamics, systems and much more.

Small Business Advisory Program

For small business clients that are after a more customised approach to manage specific challenges within the business, we can design a bespoke solution that addresses our clients unique business needs. Common focus areas where clients seek our advisory support include pricing strategy, financial and cash flow management, strategic planning, leadership development within a small business team context, sales and business development training and more. In many cases, just being that trusted advisor to act as a sounding board and accountability partner concerning matters of strategic importance is what our clients want and value.

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