Author: Oren Leshetz

Crossing Boundaries: A Managerial Conundrum

Every now and then, especially when I work with clients on the topic of team engagement, one of the first questions I am asked is around how to manage the personal and professional boundaries between management and staff. From a theoretical perspective, the opportunity to take an objective stance and answer the question with brute […]

From Specialist To Generalist: The Journey Of A Small Business Owner

In most cases, small business owners start their journey from being an employee that has spent considerable time in formal and on the job training in order to master specific technical skills before plucking up the courage to head off to the exciting prospect of “living the dream” and becoming their own boss. While it […]

Learning To Let Go

As a humble observer, I believe there is often a silent acknowledgement among many that the notion of “surrendering” or “giving up” is often associated with failure or lack of character. This may be a very simplistic or almost child-like diagnosis of a multi-layered psychological conditioning process, but it certainly reverberates through our storytelling narrative […]

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