Author : Oren Leshetz

3 Key Virtues Critical for Small Business Success

Starting and running a small business can be an exhilarating journey filled with countless challenges and rewarding moments. However, the road to success is often paved with obstacles that can test even the most determined entrepreneurs. To navigate this winding path successfully, small business owners must embrace three essential virtues: passion, self-belief, and patience. In […]

The Rise Of The V-Suite

As I continue to gather feedback from the small business community around working with coaching and consulting professionals, there still seems to be an immense amount of confusion about how each of these various service providers add value to the organisations they partner with. Almost three years ago, I officially launched my business coaching practice […]

Beware Of The Lone Ranger

As someone who generally likes to problem solve and takes pride in helping clients work through more complex or emotionally challenging business decisions, it can sometimes be difficult to take a step back and acknowledge certain boundaries when it comes to delivering a specific outcome that requires a very specific skillset. As I have said […]

The Care Factor

As an active member of the professional services community, I am often reminded by many coaches or consultants (and very seasoned ones I might add) that time is money. This is very true and in the early days, I kind of bought into this mantra as it made perfect sense from a business and financial […]

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